McCain Confesses to “Dictactor” Aspirations (w/video)

McCain knows what’s best for America — a good old fashioned Dictatorship!
Prez, dictator, what's the difference?

Prez, dictator, what's the dif?

There McCain was just blabbing away about the economic crisis when it slipped from his mouth with the greatest of ease,”If I were a dictator, which I always aspire to be –” 

Whoa, whoa, wait a second, did he just say?  Did he just admit to ALWAYS aspiring to be a DICTATOR?

No, no, that can’t be. No. Rewind. 

 “If I were a dictator, which I always aspire to be–”

WHAT!?!?  WTF?!  Are you kidding me?

Up & down my spine some heebies just joined some jeebies for a jig.

There’s an ice cold sting at the nape of my neck. Shiver shiver.

How very  UN-AMERICAN of John McCain.

IF Obama had said such a thing, there’d be a fork in him. He’d be DONE.

So that  explains why McCain chose that useless twit Palin as his VP.  He doesn’t WANT a partner in running the country. He’s not looking for intelligent imput or fresh insight.  John “The Maverick” McCain has no need for the democratic process. He has other plans.

Here's to an Orwellian Sci-fi Future!

McCain's got an Orwellian Sci-fi Future in Mind


Alphabetfiend is Dia VanGunten — a writer & wanna-be circus freak living in Austin, Texas.

6 Responses to “McCain Confesses to “Dictactor” Aspirations (w/video)”

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  4. Reverend Manny Says:

    wow… this is just nuts

  5. […] war has been a catastrophe. We can’t afford another war-monger. Especially one who, by his own admission, has always aspired to be a dictator and who thinks we should occupy Irag for the next 100 years. […]

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