Catwalk Politics: Obama sez “I’m too sexy for this dress.”

If I had this dress, I’d zip up my black leather rockstar boots & smear on the lipstick. Smear some lipstick on my pal Peaches Peltz so she can gimme smooch stains. Drink a couple cocktails — Imperial Barracks or Obama Coladas — and head out to see Quintron & Miss Pussycat rock the house.

Now that's a fashion statement!
Now that’s a fashion statement!

But I do not have this dress, or the matching gloves, so instead I will stay home and watch Tina Fey mock Palin on tonight’s SNL. We’re boycotting Emos anyway. The clever mini (designed by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac) debuted on a Paris runway on Friday, October 3.

Alpabetfiend is Dia VanGunten — a writer & wanna be circus freak living in Austin, Texas.

2 Responses to “Catwalk Politics: Obama sez “I’m too sexy for this dress.””

  1. alphabetfiend Says:

    I approved the above “comment” b/c he has the opposite view point but I almost didn’t being that a comment should comment on something and this is just a link. Lazy!

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