Dr. Seuss Bible: Sunday AM Punk Rock Gospel Blog

Thanks for popping in to this Sunday’s Punk Rock Gospel Blog. I meant to talk about love and gay marriage but was hoping to post the most beautiful wedding photo in the world and didn’t get permission in time. No one could see this photo and begrudge the gorgeous couple of their rights, their day, their love.  If they’re willing to share, it’lll be worth the wait.

Enjoy the Dr. Seuss Bible. We could all use a few giggles and some forgiving energy this week after the crazy stuff that’s been going on. The ignorance! The oppression! The crap.

I’d dig the Bible more if it was written (and illustrated) by Dr. Seuss.

Amen! What could be more goof-blessed than Seuss via Kids in the Hall? Goof abounds!

Have a great Sunday y’all. Take a breath, have a laugh.


Be the love.

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