Pro-Life Palin too “Country” for a Carseat

Brit said it first: Rednecks don’t need no carseats!
We speared Spears for this safety gaffe.

We speared Spears for this safety gaffe.

Through this whole TrooperGate thang it’s come out via Todd Palin, potential first hubby (ouch! It hurts to say!) that part of the “bad blood” between Monegan and Sarah Palin was over Palin not buckling up her baby. A mere 12 days before the man was canned, he sent an email to Gov. Palin,
“We received a complaint that had you driving with Trig not in an approved car seat; if this is so that would be awkward in many ways.”
Yes, awkward. Look at the uproar Britney spears caused when the poppers caught her driving with her baby in her lap. Gov. Palin sent a defensive missive from her private e-mail account (a no-no considering she was replying to something sent to the Governor and not to Sarah.)
“I’ve never driven Trig anywhere without a new, approved car seat. I want to know who said otherwise — pls provide me that info now.”
Todd Palin, in his sworn statement, took two contrary stances:
  1. It’s a “false rumor,”  meaning it’s completely untrue and never happened.
  2. Sarah palin was a passenger in a truck, “on a private farm road without traffic at low speed.” In other words, like Brit said, “We’re just Country!”

Well, which one is it?

I used to ride in the passenger seat standing up. So’s I could see everything. It was the late seventies. Even as an infant I never had a carseat but instead was surried about in a cardboard box lined with a bed pillow. My grandma now shudders to recall the days when she put her infant baby (my mother) into the basket of her bike while pedaling around town to run the errands of a new mom.

It’s not the 70’s and Palin is not a new mom. She is the Governor of Alaska and the Repub Veep nominee. People expect a pop singer to buckle up her baby so yea, a Governor riding around like a Redneck could be construed as a potentially  “awkward” situation.

Alaska’s state-law dictates that infants are to be in a carseat at all times. As the governor of Alaska, Palin is supposed to uphold state law.

We’re not just “Nailin’ Palin” here (giggety.)

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine was in a brutal car accident that could have cost him his life, especially since the Governor was not wearing a seat belt. NJ state law requires all passengers to buckle up. When pressed, the governor’s chief of staff said, “Those of you who know Gov. Corzine know he’s not always amenable to suggestion.” We tried to get that stubborn mule to buckle up but he wouldn’t do it.


Corzine’s crippling injuries wouldn’t have been so severe had he followed the laws of the state he governed. From his wheelchair, Corzine wrote a $45 check to pay the “failure to use a seat belt” ticket. Governor Corzine apologized for his conduct and “bad example” to the citizens of New Jersey.  He paid for his medical expenses out of his own pocket and shot a PSA reminding people to learn from his poor example and buckle up.

So Palin made a mistake, so what? Baby Trig is alive and well. Where’s the damage?

A man lost his job less than two weeks after questioning the Governor.

Kinda shady. Kinda “cuntry.”


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