Sarah Palin’s Haunted White House

Whew! Thank Goof, the polls are lookin’ good because Palin’s Oval Office is CREEPY!

If you haven’t seen Palin’s Haunted White House yet, let SPOOKY KABUKI take you to the hallowed halls of “Ahhhhh! NO!”  Be sure to click on the door at least 3 times, also the globe, the curtains, the red phone. And, hey, what the hell is happening beneath that sofa cushion?

2 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s Haunted White House”

  1. gammaword Says:

    Funny, funny funny! How could anyone have picked a better target than her? As long as they don’t win, of course. As they did with Dan Quayle, I’m pretty sure the Secret Service would have orders to shoot her if McCain became president and died. (Oh, I suppose someone is listening to this…expect to hear from me from chez Gitmo soon).

  2. alphabetfiend Says:

    Someone recently left a comment that she was the manchurian candidate and that if they won McCain is the one who they’d shoot so that brain-washed Puppet-Palin could take over. So there’s lots of shooting going on here at abcfiend, the bullets are flying — which does a blogger proud. If you see me at Gitmo be sure to introduce yourself!

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