Cutie Pie SICKO

Barnaby Barford. Remember that name. You’ll be glad you did. “Barnaby Barford” is the new “Rumpelstiltskin.”

Shit! Daddy's Going to Kill Me!

 Barnaby Barford turns bric-a-brac on its ass. He takes the twee and tweaks it. He deconstructs porcelain figurines and reconfigures them to change the context from cutesy to SPOOKY KABUKI.

I thought it’d be bigger

Barford’s work is witty and naughty, brilliant and brash, lewd and glorious. Not to froth at the mouth but really, I’m rabid for this irreverent trickster. I Heart Barnaby!

The above piece is called “We’re hoping he’ll grow out of it.” Isn’t it delicious? My Dad hated “glass trash” but he would love Barnaby Barford. He would love how Barford takes the birds off the mantle and gives them to Godzilla as snacks. (Not a Barford piece but it should be.) Like my pop, Barford sullies Precious Moments: a chubby cherub gets a golden shower courtesy of Felix the Cat. (another should be.) Barnaby Barford tosses the baby out with the bathwater! 
The above piece — “Imposter” — is a little Halloween gore for ya! I’m under the weather today, my fiends, or I would surely write the “Ode to Barnaby” that Barford’s talent deserves.

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