SNL Throws Blind Punches

Before Saturday Night Live was even over I was already writing about it. I love Hugh Laurie as Dr. House plus it was Poehler’s last show so I was ready to laugh. And there were a few good laughs but the icky skit that poked fun at New York Governor David Paterson’s blindness was not one of them. Maybe he’s a little cracky, maybe not, I have no idea either way but he’s definitely blind and so were the jokes — jokes which were definitely about his blindness. The skit portrayed Paterson as bumbling and inept; he was bumping into things, unable to sit in a rolling chair, holding graphs upside down. “Lookie me! I can’t see!” and NOT “Lookie me! I’m cracky!”


It bothered me into the wee hours of Sunday morning and it’s still bothering me.  And it looks like I’m not the only one who recoiled. Blind Advocates, disabled citizens and David Paterson himself were dismayed and grossed-out. 

Think about it… when have you ever seen a blind person acting like a bee just stung their eyeball? Roaming around, knocking into things? Reading graphs upside down? Acting like a complete moron? It’s not the reality of the disability. To imply that Paterson’s not fit for public office because he’s blind is to imply that blind people can’t do anything really — well, not anything that involves walking or talking or thinking.

Also, I hardly think that blindness in any way compares to “giant gums with tiny teeth”….. ???? Makes me wan’t to have my own “REALLY?” skit like Amy Poehler and Seth Meyer do on SNL’s Weekend Update. Really? Really? Really?

David Paterson should be applauded for being a strong mo-fo who overcame his disability and became the governor of New York. How cracky can he be? I know plain ol’ potheads who can barely make it to the curb store for more papers never mind the seat of the Governor’s office.

I know, I know. It’s comedy. But that argument doesn’t hold much water considering that it was the cheapest of shots and not even remotely funny.

I didn’t laugh. I cringed and then I ached and then I cried.

Why? Why tears?

Cause we’re better than this, is why. We’re past that kind of ignorance and it was a bummer to see it showing its very unattractive face…an uninvited guess in a dated get-up. YUCK. Yea, yuck…that about sums it up.


2 Responses to “SNL Throws Blind Punches”

  1. alphabetfiend Says:


    What I had to say on Saturday:

    Normally, I love Weekend Update much much muchly but this week I was kinda grossed out when they made fun of the New York Governor, David Paterson, for being blind. OK, for being a blind cracky but still. It weirded me out. We should be excited to have diversity in politics. Especially now, with Obama’s win. We need diversity in politics. It’s a must. We need people of color, people with disabilities, gay people, women, transgender folks. We need it all! America is about that someone with “a gamey arm or the giant gums with the tiny teeth.” We need to “pull outta the freak bin.” It was just very old skool oppressive and in poor taste. (You know it’s bad when I’m squawking about poor taste!)

  2. “We should be excited to have diversity in politics. Especially now, with Obama’s win. We need diversity in politics. It’s a must. We need people of color, people with disabilities, gay people, women, transgender folks.”

    …and those of us who fit those labels need to be able to laugh about our differences, especially if we’re going into public office.

    Politics is not a place for a thin skin. When sighted characters fall down on SNL, they get Emmy Nominations. When blind ones fall, they get Hate Mail.

    As far as I can tell, SNL has a 100% record for making politicians look as if they are unfit for office and a 3 decade history of making cheap shots.

    If you don’t like it, change the channel. I dislike Howard Stern. Do you know what I do about it? I don’t watch or listen!

    Rush Limbaugh offends me, so I don’t listen.

    South Park offends me and I love it for pushing me out of my comfort zone, even if it sometimes pushes my buttons.

    I only wish George Carlin had lived long enough to make fun of this situation.

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