Mad Men Sexpot Gets Wooly for ETSY

If that luminous hottie on ETSY looks like steamy actress Christina Hendricks, that’s because she is Christina Hendricks.
FYI, to those men-folk among you with a nose for anything “Christina Hendricks”, but not much else, ETSY is the web phenom known to crafters as the place to sell one’s handmade wares. For fashionistas with a taste for the unique, ETSY is the # 1 go-to for a find that wasn’t cranked out in a factory.
Blackbird Design House hawked handmade scarves via ETSY, using Hendricks as model. You may be asking, “How can I get Hendrick’s to model my DIY?”
Answer: Tamara Mello, the gal behind the knitting needles, is a Hendrick’s pal.
The cozies looked sublime on Christina. Her milk-white skin was the perfect backdrop for some chunky, funky stitches.
Wrapped in lambsy fluff, her creamy throat looked lush.
And mm-mmm her smokin’ curves looked plush.
It warms the cockles of my heart that the emmy-nominated Hendricks, who plays Mad Men’s voluptuous working girl Joan Holloway, posed in the wooly wears for a friend. What a stand up gal!
It’s just like I always say, “It’s good to have gorgeous and generous gal-pals!”
Tamara Mello?
Tamara Mello’s name may sound familiar to hardcore fans of television mastermind Ryan Murphy.
Murphy — the man behind Fox’s famous “Glee” and FX’s “Nip Tuck”) may recall a WB show from way back called “Popular.”  Tamara Mello played petite & punky Lily Esposito, the sassy latina.
Also on “Popular”: Tammy Lynn Michaels, who recently refused to be bullied into break-up silence by her ex Melissa Etheridge, with whom she shares children.
For Murphy enthusiasts, “Popular” is worth watching on DVD. “Popular” is a “Glee” precursor where-in Murphy worked out some of the kinks in the teen-drama genre, and maybe some of his own teen angst. Fans of Murphy as an artist working in the medium of television will get a glimpse into the writer,creator and director’s creative process. Fans of “Glee” will see the progression of that idea in the days before anyone thought we were ready for weekly song and dance on TV. 
In addition to her shibori dyed scarves, Mello also makes felted trays and nesting baskets for her company Blackbird Design House. Hendrick’s did Mello a hell of a friendly favor. Hype hype hooray! People are emptying  their pockets while they gawk. Those rosy cheeks, that pouty pucker. It’s no wonder Mello’s knits have been selling out quick.
But my favorite, the one that falls like a bodice of snow drift, is still available. Mmmmm. Hmmm. Can I really justify a 130$ scarf when I live in sunny Austin?  Well, it was once on the delicious nape of a zaftig goddess, which is my very favorite kind of deity.
Do you s’pose osmosis works with pretty? Yummy? Supernaturally sexy?
If I drop the bucks will I drop dead gorgeous? 
*Technicolor Pop (aka Alphabetfiend aka…) is a slave to fashion with a  television vice; based in Austin, Texas.*

13 Responses to “Mad Men Sexpot Gets Wooly for ETSY”

  1. Hey!

    I’ve entered a contest to win a walk-on role on that retro-licious TV show, “MadMen”… but I need your votes to win!

    Please click the link above to access my page and vote.



  2. Yummy, I imagine how soft one of those scarves would be around my neck, how flattering, all toasty warm on a cold winter day. Sure would like loverman to gently unravel it, and well….oh, I digress, sorry.

    A hundred and thirty dollars, “What price gorgeousness?” I say. Perhaps, if we are lucky, “Gilt” will have them designer discounted. You can’t imagine what you can get for less on that site. Scrumptious, check it out.

    I also love that pink A-line dress, always adored simplicity, businesslike, but sexy, has them (Madmen) wondering, what or if anything is underneath! Love that.

    Should we vote for Madmengirl?


  3. alphabetfiend Says:

    Alice, does your Loverman read Cream Scene? I hope so cause if not, he’s missing some sexy sweet nothings. There is something so touching about being unraveled from a cozy scarf. Goes back to what we were saying about the warm glowing seduction of snow days. The world stops and lovers take refuge in blankets & drowsy limbs. Like the Blakes song: “I’m tangled up in your legs, I don’t wanna get out!”

    I doubt Gilt will have these scarfs cause the designer is DIY and working on such a small scale. Plus she has the mad men beauty to model her wares so she’s selling out quick.

    That pink dress is amazing on Joan Holloway, huh? Stunning! Fits like buttah! As for hoping she’s nude underneath, yea right, not in the 50’s or 60’s– there’s a bra made by NASA, corsetry or girdle, stockings, garters etc. But that’s hotter as far as some kinksters go (Me! Me!)

    • About my Loverman, I dunno, but if he were to read Creme Scene, he would be lovestruck by you and your words too, like me. No doubt in my mind about that.

      You see he is a man of deep thought, a seeker, a man of letters, a man who knows how to express his feminine side, and is so incredibly hot…(I should know better than putting my hand in a fire, but I so love the warmth….) so yes, what I express is for him, whether he reads it or not is real….He is a person so easy to love, and so difficult to love at the same time, understand?
      So I will continue, my *sexy sweet nothings* from time to time, if you don’t mind, that is…..a little like *butterscotch*….gives me pleasure to send my thoughts out into the universe.
      On another note, I agree those gorgeous dresses did require some hefty girdles, garters hanging down, silk stockings attached perhaps with a black seam running up the back of the leg, and yes, a snap opening at the crotch. Yeah know, I love the garter belt and stocking thing myself, just the thought of my lover, unsnapping them and rolling them gently downward on my leg, so incredibly sexy. I am sure some kinksters would agree, women dress like that not just for a man, but for themselves too, am I right?

      Lastly.I am so lusting after one of those scarves, I must say b/c today there is that slight chill in the air, a glimpse of what is to come…..BTW…I love the Fall, it means new pens and paper without feeling guilty, gold, orange and red leaves, wearing my Ralph Lauren tweed skirt, a silk champagne button down blouse,my soft brown leather jacket and riding boots, add one of those soft woolies around my neck–I would be in heaven for sure.

      Peace & Love,

      • alphabetfiend Says:

        Plus it would have Christina cooties all over it! It’d be infused with Holloway mojo! That alone is a temptation. A nice talisman, right? Which one do you want?

        No, I don’t mind if you leave him love notes here and there, like graffiti on a bridge or matchbook poems in puddles on the slick bar, kissing lime rinds and stems of marachino cherries. I was just wondering if he read Cream Scene too. Had the weird feeling he did for some strange reason.

        I love fall too, deeply, and it’s just not the same in Texas as it was in Toledo. The trees lose their leaves overnight here. Blink and you missed it. There’s still a fall feeling but the crunch beneath the boots isn’t there. RB and I fell in love one fine fall 11 years ago, met days before Halloween and hung out all fall. I finally gave into his “Invisible Lion” advances/powers just before Christmas. I call him the “Invisible Lion” because he’s more subtle than other Leos. At first I was surprised that the shy, quiet southern gentleman was a Leo. But then I began to see how his whole group of friends spun around him like planets, and he was the center of attention even though he never vied for attention. I also noticed that he was always the last word on subjects of great import. I eventually realized that he moved with invisible grace and power, closing in on his prey (me) before she knew what hit her.

        I love garters!! I was thinking for a while about getting seams tattooed down the backs of my legs and garters on the fronts and backs of my thighs & hips. But I like to CHANGE my clothes. Still…it intrigues…

  4. alphabetfiend Says:

    Vote for mad girl? Sure, why not? We should at least check her out. I dig her hustle. Initiative should be rewarded.

  5. alphabetfiend Says:

    Yea, it’s 11 am and I havent slept yet (up all night with thoughts and visions and mind-wanderings… so I went out for a late-night radio drive, it was 85 degrees at 4am, got some breakfast and brought it back to bed, which led to pre-work booty-call action for/with RB which led to an even more hyper mind for me. Then spent like 3 hours writing a looooong letter to a friend & fellow writer, about writing and reading etc. Arg.) So yea, I’m gonna sleep some and then when I wake up I will vote for MadMenGirl.

    Hear that, MMG! Alice and the Cheshire Cat are casting their votes! Good luck, darling. Kiss Don Draper for me.

    • Hum…bet you wrote that looooong letter to the*White Rabbit* yeah? I am sure he relished each sleepy but profound word, as I would.

      Now get some sleep!

      Sweet dreams

      • alphabetfiend Says:

        I did actually. That’s funny that you knew that, being as I have several close friends who are writers and often they’re the ones with whom I’m corresponding. But yes, this letter, today, was for the White Rabbit.

        The words were more hyper than sleepy; full of exclamations like “Let them eat cupcake!”

        Recalling a magical 2 weeks, where I was given a powerful talisman: doll legs, pelvis to feet, just legs, an inch or so, sterling silver charm. I wore that dolly bottom necklace every single day for years, until one day the chain broke and I was caught up paranoia over the possibilty of losing it.

        Talking about haikus & twitter. Farts of fabu, poots of poetry.

  6. alphabetfiend Says:

    Lack of sleep leads to TMI!! Which I’m prone to anyway, even when well-rested.

  7. Hum, I have a talisman necklace of sorts too. Hanging loosely on a long silver chain is, a sterling silver griffin holding a piece of clear quartz, a gilded gold leaf, a cloisonne brightly colored fish all flexible and scaly, an antique holy trinity charm– on the back it says ” I am Catholic. Please call a priest.” *that was a weird one, since I left the church at sixteen, I still wore it all through my twenties in case I needed last rites, at some point. I dunno.*, an amethyst crystal , a romantic Victorian gold fan charm– *perhaps worn by some gentleman at the turn of the century on his pocket watch chain* , and roaring silver lion.
    So my insightful, Cheshire Kitty, what do you make these oddities & me?
    (all of the items were either inherited,given to me or just plan showed up)

    Also,I would love to hear more of your magical two weeks, and how you received your talisman necklace. What did feel when you wore it? If that is something you would not want to publicly publish, or if it is just for the White Rabbit’s, soulful eyes to see, and floppy ears to hear, that’s okay. I understand.

    Curious, are you still wearing it? If not, do you feel the urge to wear it again?


  8. Oops….
    Correction; “What did *you* feel when you wore it?

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