I Like Dot. A Lot.

And now a magical bedtime story for you , my loveys.

Meet Dot.

You’re gonna like Dot. You’re gonna like Dot alot. Just you wait.

Once you watch this, you will know how much I truly do love you. Be sure to watch it in full-screen mode!

Sleep tight, darlings. Dream like you mean magic.

Catch some Z’s like fire-flies, let ’em light up your mind like they light up a mason jar in July.

We’ll talk tomorrow.




*Peewee Herman turned me onto this. I heart Peewee.

8 Responses to “I Like Dot. A Lot.”

  1. alphabetfiend Says:

    BTW, I have a crazy mythic love of bees! So this stung me extra good!

  2. So, lovin’ it. Thanks!

  3. alphabetfiend Says:

    I know. Isn’t it the most magical liitle nugget of wonder? I’ve watched it like 10 times already.

    Been mulling the new info about your dream. It’s cool that you knew right away who the dream was referring to. Think back…have they offered you any advice that you can recall? I’ve much to say about it but time got away from me today.

    The gorilla dream? I had an intense personal response to that one which I’ll tell you about later. So sleepy! Sweet Dreams. D

  4. Tried to send you a song with this incredible singer Sharon Jones. Don’t know whether you like Daryl Hall but he lives over a town or two from me. He has this new *jam* show , at his house here’s the link if yer’ interested.


    Did you happen to see the *moon*? Sent a shot to the white rabbit, hope he went outside to see it in person.

    Shouldn’t miss any time to bask in the mooo-beans–gets me juiced or was it that DD coffee at 6pm, not decaf either! I won’t be dreamin’ anytime soon.


  5. alphabetfiend Says:

    I just opened a new email acct just for CSC so you could email me & send me stuff etc.

    (So y’all could email me and not have to ask me to keep comments unpublished etc For all cream scene carnies to use as needed.)

    No being mean tho or I’ll shut it down. Not that y’all are mean to me but that would so super suck if that happened. I would not like that, Sam I Am!

    Send love & goodies, private stories, ideas etc.

    But let me know here on CSC if you want a prompt reply so I’ll know to check it.

    Love love! Now I must curl into a ball and bemoan the tummy ache I’ve had since midnight. 9 and 1/2 hrs is too damn long! Wah!

  6. alphabetfiend Says:

    Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings? Oh! Isn’t she sublime? Love that sexy bitch! Excited to see the vid. Gonna be good.

  7. it’s an amazing video. this really rocks!!!!

    • alphabetfiend Says:

      I must’ve hit replay a 1000 times when I found it. I love it! Thanks for commenting. I very much appreciate it.

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