My Mask Reveals (Transmuting Miss Van)

Personally, I like masks year ’round and have been known to don a mask & a tight-as-fuck punk tee for a regular (tho rockin’) night out. However, most humans deem Halloween (& Carnivale) to be the only “appropriate” times to don a mask. For freaks like me, October (& February) are nice times to stock up. 

I never expected to be the tattooed lady — even made it through my 20’s with just one bottle-cap crown — but then I fell in love with the Spanish/French graffiti artist Miss Van. By a stroke of kismet, I met Tina Forever, a gifted tattoo artist capable of transmuting the Miss Van magic. Now I say that my body is an inky Parisian alleyway. I regret that I don’t have more flesh to commit to inky renderings of Miss Van’s masked darlings. Every time I turn around, I’m falling in love with another one and wondering where on my body, she might feel at home.

2 Responses to “My Mask Reveals (Transmuting Miss Van)”

  1. …been reading… and looking… and admiring… and giggling… and getting all nostalgic and shit… and loving it…

  2. alphabetfiend Says:

    Why nostalgic, my sweet?

    Thank you for peeking in on me, makes me feel cared for & looked after & loved.

    Ah… I will love you always, Ali. Surely you don’t doubt that. Wish me, you & Ari could go crunching in some October leaves. Mmm. Miss it & you. XXOO D

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