About the Ringleader

About the Ringleader (Writer)

Alphabet  fiend, carnie queen, Glamma lean, lipstick preen…

Full-on glitter bomb, disco dada come-on…

foxy tricksters, circus, tattoos, roses, highheels, surrealism, motorcycles, lightbulbs, bookworm, wormhole, magazines, midnight dreams, bollywood & dollywood stomping on hollywood, clara bow, kismet, spiritual metaphor of the crown, stacks of books, pin-curls, bumblebees, hauntings, poetry, carnivale-shamanism, turbans, aviator sunglasses, sliding bra straps, thunderstorms, fat elvis haircuts, pink glossy lips with a big smack kiss. SMOOCH!

11 Responses to “About the Ringleader”

  1. where are you from? the states?

  2. ah Texas. i hear everything is bigger there.

    im from glasgow in scotland. i have been down the west coast from seattle to san diego but not been to texas yet.

  3. alphabetfiend Says:

    Well, Austin is pretty much the place to see Texas-wise.

  4. alpha,
    ive heard of austin it looks awesome. the cops wear pale uniforms there too eh.

    also i sorted the comment status 😉

  5. today i made a scathing post about america. however it is just satire, i am going to put it on reddit to try and cause a furore, all in the name of comedy, so dont be offended when you read it is a joke.

  6. alphabetfiend Says:

    Oh, I never take offense on behalf of America.

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