About this freak show & its freaks

I originally called my blog Alphabetfiend thinking I’d be doing mostly book worm word lovah writer chick stuff. Respectable even. Or somewhat. Being my first foray into blogging (outside of my myspace page) I thought that’s what I wanted to write about.

I found out very quickly that I was wrong wrong but o-so-right.

Instead this blog has become more of a cultural catch-all of good gulity pleasure tv, funny femmes, strange science, scenester punk, glam goofery, tom-foolery, supernatural oddities, gossip, innuedo, naughtyness, even porn. Surprise surprise!

Then for Halloween (a month into the blog’s short life) I introduced a character called SPOOKY KABUKI who specialized in all things bizarre, creepy & well, spooky kabuki. Speaks for itself right?

So I changed the name to Cream Scene Carnival and I’m excited because I can engage my love of all things CIRCUS and conduct my own multi-ring chaos in the guise of a blog. Visit various carnie wagons (ie, pages) and meet the freaks behind Cream Scene Carnival… a few have already set up camp (

“Alphabetfiend” will seduce you with words

“Lipstick Shamanness” will cure what ails with fancy trance and charm with glam moxie

“Spooky Kabuki” will give ya the heebies

 “Star Fucker” will keep you apprised of Hollywood juiciness

 “Plush D” will delight you with hip hop happenings & over the top fashion

 “Technicolor Pop” will review TV and dish on other pop culture delights.

“Trickster Fox Fortune Teller” will cause a rukkus, make a fuss & change the road signs.

 And more are sure to run away & join the circus!

Of course all are various fractions of my own freakdom. Yay! Alter-Egos are so much fun! This is the circus that is conducted inside my skull … my own big-top brain!

Maybe it offends you… if so, just close your eyes tight as yer arse-hole and move on. Really, if you’re offended by offensive subject matter this, in any of its guises, is probably not for you. But let’s not fight about it! Just put a curse on me and go.

Please don’t poke the animals.

Keep your hands & feet inside the vehicle until the ride has come to a complete and final stop.

One Response to “About this freak show & its freaks”

  1. Hey thanks for your comments on my slide show. Just wanted to let you know that the pieces you liked are available for commission and I ship anywhere in the world. If you’re interested let me know and I can give you a quote!
    Cheers 🙂

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