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Alphabetfiend is a Lady of Leisure & a Gentlewoman of Letters.  But she’s no word snob! She often hobnobs with the most devalued words, whether obscene or just redonkulous. She loves to talk shop so broach a subject. Suggest a tome! Release a poem! You get the idea… SPEAK UP, SUCKAHS!

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  1. I received in my inbox , a few days ago, word of the day, “Olla Podrida”, a rich highly seasoned stew,a slow simmered pot of deliciousness, I want to lap it up, dip a nice piece of crusty warm bread into it, and chomp down hard. Hum…

    My point? Your writing is like that stew….Tantalizing….
    PS it also said “rotten pot” but I said bugger that, and went with the first definition. 🙂

    • alphabetfiend Says:

      Alice! Down the rabbit hole!

      Thank you so very much for that wonderful gastronomic compliment. It has made me very happy: You should see my Cheshire Cat grin.

      Lick the bowl, Alice, I encourage you. Don’t worry about good manners –your table mates are a hatter and a hare and they won’t care if you slurp or burp.

      I must bow to you for commenting cause I very rarely get comments and they’re never from women. I’m so glad to know that there is at least one woman out there! So please stay tuned and stay in touch. SMOOCH! xoxo Alpha, the Fiend

  2. Zoetrope Says:

    Well, I am a woman and I’m in LOVE with CSC. I’m so glad you came back. I rejoiced when I saw news of a new post in my in-box. This is my favorite site ever b/c you are an amazing thoughtful writer who is not afraid to say the things that many women wish they could say. I think you are a role model for women, Alphabetfiend. You are for me. I’ve read you since the beginning and I hope to be reading you 10 years from now. Your fiction too. Where ever you go with your writing, I will follow you. Just be sure to tell us where you’re off to next time.

  3. See there are women who read your blog, Alphabetfiend!

    Saw some wicked jewelry today, thought of you. The design is called “Steampunk” sort of “Mad Max meets Jane Austin” their quote not mine.
    The designer integrates parts from Victorian antique watches, into pendants and earrings, a bit of futurism/techno meeting the past. Wish I had a photo to share with you, the pieces were “one of a kind”(which resonates with me), and amazing.
    And no, they are not featured on the web, I asked. ;(

  4. alphabetfiend Says:

    Yer too too kind, Zoetrope.

    I do like to hear from the women-folk though… It’s good to know that you’re out there.

    I don’t know about the role model thing, that could get you into trouble. Although I do think that we, as women, should be less worried about “getting into trouble” or being “nice girls.” Boys are given more leeway when it comes to mischief and then, as men, boldness comes easier to them. Girls will be girls, that’s what I say!

    I need to strike a balance between the book and the blog but I don’t think I’ll bail like that again. I really didn’t realize how many people were reading. Sometimes “blogging” can feel like your yelling into a bucket. Which is why I SO appreciate you leaving this comment.

    Thanks again, Zoetrope! I LOVE the idea of you reading my stuff in 10 years — so exciting! xoxo, Alpha

  5. alphabetfiend Says:

    Alice, you’re back! So good to hear from you.

    I do love to be thought of. The jewelry sounds great. It sounds like they’re having a lot of fun with the whole steampunk aesthetic. If you see them again, tell ’em to send some piks my way and I’ll do a post. I love to feature emerging artists, designers, companies, talents.

    Well, you started the ball rolling… it was thanks to you that Zoetrope spoke up. So thanks for that. thanks for talkin’ to me and thinkin’ about me when you see cool steampunky jewels.

    Keep ’em comin’, ladies!

  6. Wanted to give you a little giftee , and also express to my loverman what I feel for him, all that hot juicy stuff that neither of us can explain. Hope you like Peggy Lee as much as I do. Use it if you want.

    Peace, Alice

    • alphabetfiend Says:

      Oh yum!

      Do you have a wordpress, Alice? You should! Your writing, your sense of delish, it’d be AWESOME!

  7. Oh my! I am swooning from your compliment, because I admire your work so much.

    And no, I am not on WordPress, I will leave that up to you , and the other talented writers out there, for now.

    I am still an eager student of the writerly craft;so thank you for your encouragement.

    Here is a quote, describing how you make us all feel…..

    “Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader–not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.” E.L.Doctorow


  8. I came upon this delicious bookstore, wouldn’t it be scrumptious to just browse, read & explore this old world store. Picturing a snowy day, snuggling
    up with the warmth of some extraordinary words and art. Yum.

    Peace Alice

  9. alphabetfiend Says:

    Oh, I miss snow days! The enforced chill time, where the whole world stops and demands that people get cozy and take it slow, just eating & reading & cuddling & watching tv. Robot always sez I’d love hurricane parties in the south where people hole up and get drunk on hurricanes while waiting out the storm. But after katrina — the eye of the storm passed right over his childhood home — that sounds so scary to me. His people were ok, besides losing a few beloved 100 year old pecan trees whose nuts had provided many a thanksgiving pie. But so many weren’t… Snow days in the north were never so scary, at least since modern times.

    Hey, when I get a moment later, in between packing for my return to Texas, I’ll post your video right and proper and I’ll find just the right place & time for the anime Alice too.

  10. Finally, I bought some butterscotch hard candy today.
    A bit of sunshine, dancing across my tongue, yummy….

  11. Did not want to post this on your blog but thought you may be interested in entering this contest, for shoes. I know that you are a love fashion, question is do you love shoes like me?

    You would need an extra closet if you were to win this. I have my favorite shoe, lets see if you, as the mystical Cheshire Cat, can pick out what Alice (me) would where to the Tea Party. Hint: (sweet but sexy- summer shoe collection)

  12. alphabetfiend Says:

    Cream Scene Carnival is a perfectly acceptable place to discuss shoes!

    I do indeed love shoes. But I never love the kinds of shoes that my friends love. Cha Cha likes sexy stilletos, usually in black, or strappy summer “sandals” with sky-high heels which she expertly and effortlessly runs in. Not me. I like weirdo wedges, witchy flats with pointy toes, violet satin pumps with gaudy Nellie Olsen bows. Red glitter-encrusted round toes like Oz’s Ruby Slippers. Platforms, lipstick red & gold-tooth gold, like for a glam rock luchador. An all-time EVER fav: vintage Daniel Madden circa 60’s; gold lame gypsy toed flats which I wore nearly every day for three years. The gypsy-toe wasn’t just a subtle upturn either, it was way way up there like an LSD elf. A friend teased me and said “Only you could turn THAT into a ‘practical’ everyday shoe.” They were gorgeous with eveything from jeans to tulle petticoats and they were great for dancing. Now I’m on the perpetual look-out for anything with a gypsy toe which is not an easy thing to find.

    So maybe this Cheshire is not the puss to trust when it comes to footwear but I’ll give it a go. Let’s see… Personally, I LOVE the idea of wearing the “Piper” (ruffled bootie) to a victorian-acid teaparty and O! I’m gaga for the “Cash” in black like Johnny with the over-laid “petals” that look like mermaid scales. So chances are it’s neither of those. Keeping in mind your sashed curve-skimming frock in cornflower silk (and your “sweetly sexy” clue) I’ve decided on the “pansy’ in multi-pink or the “Marianne” in blue. The “Marianne” is faithful to the acid-touched 60’s style of The Mad Hatter, while the “pansy” feels the sweetest which that neon-candy hue.

    I’m excited to hear the real answer to Alice’s foot fetish dilemma… hmmm, what to wear down a rabbit hole, in a bobbing rowboat over a salty sea of tears, to a mad man’s tea party???

  13. alphabetfiend Says:

    Y’know, I used to design shoes, reworking vintage pairs, and doing elaborate themed collages from heel to toe… example: a mermaid pair covered in glittery sirens & salty text and then, lounging on the toes, plastic cocktail mermaids in transluscent candy hues. Hard to imagine, I know. I’ll try to scrounge up some photos. They got very popular for a time — Winona Ryder bought several styles, every single pair we had in her size. Fun fun! But they were all obsessively handmade, by me and only me, and the process was long and back-breaking. Literally. Bending over those shoes for hours on end resulted in grueling months of “occupational” rehab. Finally I remembered I was a writer and returned to words. But I’ve been saving images for a magical Alice in Wonderland idea cause doing a pair here and there shouldn’t be a problem… hmmm… what month is your birthday, Alice???

    Glad to hear you got yer butterscotches, btw. I have a draft I’ve been meaning to post for you, about the night with the sky of drizzled butterscotch. Not even sure what the hold up is!

  14. Okay,is Spooky Kabuki, whispering in your ear. The “Piper” was the shoe , I longed for,yes, but other than the tea party, where would I wear them?
    When I saw the ruffles, I thought, wouldn’t they look great with some gauzy white cotton dress, maybe an empire design, with lacy trim dancing around the scooped neckline, just a hint of cleavage….sensual, sexy,innocent…wonder who would like to see me in that number?

    The shoe you picked, “Cash” actually, until you pointed it out I did not see the scales….that element really makes the shoe, I agree.
    On another note, I did photograph a shoe for you, actually a piece of art, all scaly, mermaid-ish, all out of paper. Can’t figure out how to post it on your blog.

    Gee, I would love if you would grace us with some of your shoe art here, I can imagine your designs to be intricate, but bold, sexy but wearable, and your imagination running wild… your words… perfect.

    I am keeping my eye out for some vintage shoes for you. Never know where these things show up, and soooo glad Winona actually paid you for your designs, rather than lifting them, Ha!

    My birthday is already past, can you guess the month?

    And BTW,I have decided to eat one piece of butterscotch a day from now on. Right now I need a bit of sweetness in my life on a daily basis, yeah know?

    Peace, Alice

  15. alphabetfiend Says:

    That’s wild cause it was the piper that was flashing like neon but since I liked ’em I thought I’d better pick another less fanciful pair. Your birthday?? Well, I’m thinking summer like me, but more Cancer or Leo, Cancer overshadows Leo now that I’ve written it down…??? I’m guessing late June to JULY to early august. July? Either that or fishy February. Nah, summer it is. ????????? Hurry with the real answer cause curiosity kills the Cheshire!

  16. All I can say to your question is MEEEEEEEOW!

    • alphabetfiend Says:

      A Leo, then?

      Or are you merely teasing the Cheshire?? If so, that is most unfair! You hafta tell me the month now. NOW!

  17. Okay, what does Barack Obama, Martha Stewart, Madonna, Sean Penn, your Robot, your beloved father and myself have in common, oh, besides, drop dead gorgeous looks, talent, intelligence, loyalty & sex appeal……drum roll please….budumbum….yes, A*fiend and other carnival goers…..the month of……….August! As you can see by my use of adjectives, I am a Leo, but underneath it all– I am sort of like the one in the Wizard of Oz, clutching my tail in my hands most of the time, wondering about asking the wizard for some courage..yeah know what I mean?

    I see that Cheshire Cat grin, corners all turned up….hum… you know…..whatcha think?

    Funny thing, my best friend is born on your birthday (different year)!
    a great and loyal gal pal too, like you.

  18. alphabetfiend Says:

    Your best friend is the 6th of June? Uh-oh! Nah, we’re ok, I s’pose, tho my license expired on 6-6-6 a few years back. An old friend nick-named me “Diablita” and I so wanted to have a devil girl burfday party that year but we were work-a-holics with the store that year, we decided to do an almost-evil party last year but it ended up being the dreariest of birthdays and a party was not to be.

    So, was I right about it being in the early days of August? I saw it butted up against July. And your love overflowing made me wonder if maybe you were a lovey-dovey crab. But I knew you weren’t a gemini. So it was down to the lion or the crab. You love with the generousity of Cancer but have the fabulous glamour of Leo.

    What do you think? Are you surprised I got it, time-wise? I am! Although when I was writing it, I felt very sure of that july-august intersection which is why I want to know if it’s in the earlier part of the month. All my leos are. RB is the 3rd, my bff Leah is the 7th, my dad’s the 9th, Peaches Peltz is the 13th and I just had a baby niece born on the 5th. Plus one of my favorite characters (from my book “Juliet’s Apartment”) Jules Capulet Montague is the 1st. She’s fictional but I adore her so she still counts.

    So fun! What else can I guess? Can we do age? I already know what my guess is. I once wanted to put an ad in the paper to do free “readings” for strangers just to see if I got any hits. To experiment with flexing the Spook Kabuk muscle. But RB — forward-thinking, jaded, worry wart — poo poo’d that idea. He so rarely poo poo’s that when he does I’ll generally abide, if it’s something that’s not so important to begin with.

    Were you surprised? Do you know yer rising sign?

  19. alphabetfiend Says:

    O! RB’s best friend, C, who was actually his first cousin but they were more like brothers was also born on my birthday. C actually died tragically not too long before Jeff and I met and I swear “June 6” was like C’s calling card: “C waz here. C’s fingerprints iz all up in this bizness.” Cause RB truly believed he would never fall in love and had decided to stay single forever lest some woman come along and try to make him do right, according to societal standards. So C hustled him up a fellow freak cause he couldn’t bear for RB to be alone, especially with C gone from Planet Earth.

  20. Yeah know, I am sure you know this but I didn’t , researching the differences between vs. It seems that the .org format you retain your brand (Creme Scene Carnival) vs .com which is Alphabetfiend@wordpress. It seems a subtle difference but pretty significant if you want to brand your blog.

    Since you wish us to share your blog via Twitter, Digg, etc. perhaps you should consider moving it to I dunno.

    I did not realize that today was the anniversary of *Katrina*, still not much progress down there, sadly.

    Hope you are well, awaiting the Love Letter Gospel………?


  21. Thought it was time you knew my first name is Monica, my middle is Alice, which I prefer to use…So, yes, I am still me.

  22. alphabetfiend Says:

    No commenting? Isn’t that part of writer’s workshopping their stuff?; you bring copies for everyone, pass ’em out & get feedback? Or are they two different things really, plain old work-shopping vs the special event of a “writer’s workshop?” I miss work-shopping…

  23. I had this whole paragraph of words for you, all of a sudden…poof it disappeared, s***, too tired now to redo, more tomorrow.
    Both cell phones went dead today too, they were all charged, and off for the day….Mercury Retrograde?

    • alphabetfiend Says:

      Yep, I know how that feels, nothing fills my solar plexus with such needless horror. As if. There are worse things and yet it feels so bad in that moment.

  24. D, Would you take my erase my comments too? They are not nice, as you know, and not a proper reflection of what I feel for Creme Scene and you.
    Thank you D,

  25. alphabetfiend Says:

    I have been trying all night to “unapprove” the entire conversation. It claims it’s done on the dash and the count went down from like 38 to 25. I’m not sure what’s up with it. Contrary to what you said, I absolutely do not want that up there for drama for twitter or whatever. I’ve already gotten several messages about the whole mess which irks and I was able to unapprove those (on a different page though.) RB even tried to post a comment from another wordpress accnt, from a different computer, and I was able to unapprove it afterwards. The next step will be to do it one by one spread out over time which wil suck considering the anxiety of the whole affair. But they won’t stay. I’ll delete the page itself if I must.

    Hope yer workshop has been going well.

  26. Looks like it may work–“this comment is awaiting moderation” so maybe it will disappear within 24 hours? I dunno how these things work.

    d would probably know, I betcha.

    Final class today, the writing group I am in, consists of a writer/life coach Janet,who recently after 2 years has moved back to her home in Galveston,they lost everything in hurricane Ike (she is writing a memoir about the experience).Then there is Marlo, a is Naval psychologist stationed on Guantanamo Bay , Cuba. Marcia is a psychologist in NYC, a lovely empathetic,and wonderful woman. All of them, writers, with so much to say. I am so grateful to have them.

    We are transferring our group to part e-mail part conferencing on Skype (if we can figure that one out) We will be breaking the rules though, “Write-Read AND comment” we need *feedback*!

    My books were signed yesterday, Natalie just signed mine with a little heart at the end of her name. Wendy Johnson wrote me this ;
    “Gardening a landscape of words un.contained! ” In gratitude , Wendy Johnson (very pleasing, I must say)

    That is basically what I wanted to say yesterday before it *poofed* away.
    Hope this posts!

  27. alphabetfiend Says:

    Yea, I dunno. I’ve been messing with it all night. The others worked so I know I’m doing it right. I’ve never had this problem before.

    Just got back from one of my late night radio drives. It’s raining hard here in Tejas. I love a nice Texas storm. I picked up some breakfast and, for RB’s morning meeting, swung by Mrs. Johnson’s and picked up a dozen donuts: glazed, ooey gooey & just outta the oven. I also picked up a down-on-his-luck fellow and drove around aimlessly looking for an open gas station. Told R this while in a nice steamy shower and I heard a growl erupt from the other side of the shower curtain.

    {beepbeep. Robot displeased. beepbeepbeep.}

    Bought a brand new pack of cigs and ended up giving most of ’em away to two separate people in need of a nic fix. That’s fine. I’m not a real smoker, just sometimes when seeing a band or feverishly writing or driving in the rain. Might well’ve ended up stale & wasted anyway.

    That’s cool about the garden/writing reference; an interesting synchronicity as you had just said a similar thing to me only yesterday. Have a great last day.

  28. Last class yesterday consisted of our 30 minute, sitting in silence meditation, my mind wandering for at least 10 of those minutes wondering if I left the stove on high, a tea kettle becoming molten hot after all the water evaporated. Then the horror, I thought about my dog, who would save her from a burning house? No cell service on campus, so I couldn’t even call my neighbor to check.

    Then a small breeze came though the open double glass doors, and touched me, at that moment, I knew nothing was wrong at all, and to just be quiet.

    After the sitting meditation, we then proceeded outside for another *slow walking* meditation, barefoot, the grass was wet under my feet, it felt good the connection to the earth. I just followed the person in front of me. I watched how her toes were spread open as they gently touched the ground. I could see leaves stuck on the bottom of her tiny foot, her heel still being up, movement deliberate and exaggerated, eventually kissing the ground as she walked. A steady repetitive motion– one foot then the other again & again. We all fell into a rhythm, this seemingly leisurely stroll, was actually mindful. I felt I was being filled up, I didn’t know with exactly what, just warm & full. Wendy, rang the bell 2 times, signaling the ending of our meditation, she said, “Now that the universe has filled you, and nature nourished you, lets move slowly inside…..and write”

    The writing, seemed a bit richer, deeper somehow. At the end of class, big hugs, some tears, everyone busily exchanging e-mails, and quietly giving comments about how someones writing moved them ( forbidden, as you know) We all left this sacred place– feeling blessed.

    So, Marcia, Marlo,Janet and myself are committed to keeping our writing group together and continue our work online. Somehow, I know we will, yeah know?
    BTW; PLEASE don’t pick up strangers–someday if you want to know *my story* about why you shouldn’t, I will gladly tell you– privately. All I can say is–
    “You had an invisible angel in your car,protecting you– luckily.”

  29. alphabetfiend Says:

    Or…l needed no protecting from this particular man because he was not a violent man. Many are, I understand, but this man wasn’t. It wasn’t just my own gut I was trusting but also Nakula who has astounding intuition when it comes to people. Nak is a 100 lb chow-chow who I’ve had since he was a baby and he’s fiercely protective of me. It’s actually quite unusual that he would even let someone approach the vehicle. The man never even asked me for money. I have done this kind of thing countless times without even the slightest incident. I’ve got good feelers when it comes to people. Actually, strike that. Men I can read but with women my feelers get fuzzy. But that’s a whole other horrible story.

    I get what you’re saying though and I do not mean to disrespect your experience. Bad stuff does happen. Hell, my mom was hitch-hiking and who should pull over and pick her up but Ted Bundy in his veedub. Luckily she was able to get away. Talk about an angel in the car!

  30. alphabetfiend Says:

    It’s an interesting topic though and a theme that I’ll be thoroughly exploring in Pure Sweet Chocolate Sense.

  31. So glad your Chow Chow is in the car with you when you gallivant around, on Texas highways in a rainstorm, at night. I am sure one would want to mess with a CC.

    Ted Bundy? Your Mom? OMG! sent shivers up my spine when I read that!

    BTW: I will be taking a break, not in the reading of CSC, but commenting. I know others will come forward, and write comments to you–for sure.

    I just want to climb back up to the surface, to reality again, and out of the rabbit hole. *Hop* fully…my *grinning* Cheshire Cat, and my beloved * agent of change* White Rabbit, you both will have– a place reserved for me ,at the tea party table, upon my return.

    To my dear, writerly friends, write on……………………………………………..

  32. Oops… Meant NO ONE would want to mess with a Chow Chow. Always amazed no matter how much I check for errors, one always slips by. Ugh!

  33. alphabetfiend Says:

    So…Alice? What size t-shirt do you wear? If it’s a close-fitting girly tee? Or are you like my bff Steffe who does want the tightness on the bosoms? Or Alex who has a long torso and finds most girly tees to be much too short, especially with them lo-rise jeans that are so ubiquitous in this, “The Decade of the Thong.”

  34. Okay, had to speak up– where’s the gospel? Twitter got your tongue?

    Medium–girly, I think, depends, have little lacy ones, white and black , oh, and aqua too, a color for me,a bit *mermaidish* like the ocean.

    Been wearing this summer short skirt– culottes, truth be told, picked em’ up early on, with a T and a cheeky cowboy hat, my tortoise antique silver Navajo cuffs, and Zuni pendent, accenting the gifts god gave me.Whew! I should be trolling Austin with you instead of upstate NY. ..Give me an ol’ southern drawl sayin’ please and thank you on a regular basis.

    My friend L and I found a politically incorrect place called “The Wiener House” a big arse mustached wiener in a cowboy hat painted on the side of the building!
    L wanted to saunter in and ask for a *big* wiener with everything on it…so she could chomp down on it, everything oozing, dripping down from her mouth, in some seductive sort of way….onto her t-shirt.
    She said some other remarks, I was just laughing so hysterically, I don’t remember what she said exactly with the exception that it was funny.

    It’s okay with me, this kookiness, high school behavior, I join in, whatever makes my friend laugh, see she reminds me of “Freda”, her health challenges may be insurmountable, she lives fully in the moment, in a surprisingly beautiful way.


    • alphabetfiend Says:

      Yea, I’m in a nasty kinda funk these last few days… Well, it was actually a cozy rainy laziness that turned into a funk when the sun returned. My baby wookie loves to nestle his fluffy head into the crook of my neck which is lovely. Except for when he’s been frolicking in the poison ivy, unbeknownst to me. Now I have a bad case of the ivy from jawline to collarbone. And I only just got over a spot on my throat. Wookie! I went a whole childhood of summer camps and back alley adventures, woodsy explorations and scrabble brush short cuts, and not one case of poison ivy. Now I’ve had it thrice this summer. Luckily, I know the miracle that is tea tree oil so it never spreads. Anyhow. Yes, I’m exasperated by the itis de ivy and ive been an all-around cranky, bratty, out-a-sorts shirkster. I suck.

  35. No you don’t suck, just a bit itchy, that’s all. Have a lemoncello over ice, maybe with a sprig of mint…and some Vanilla gelato on the side, all cool and summery. That will set you right again, or at least cloud your judgment.

    Wish I could send you a pix of this shoe that someone designed completely out of paper,a spiked heel, pointy toe, and complete with scales– like sort of a mermaidish style, all white with some pastel , reminded me of one of those big Carney lollipops, just wanted to give a lick. Oh, there was a matching paper poofy dress too– 50’s retro . Which I wouldn’t exactly wear it if I still smoked.. or attempting to put out a wild fire…..
    Fell betta!

  36. Oops, s**t meant “Feel Betta!” staying up to 4am last night is doing me in at the moment. Need sleep.

  37. Why don’t you enter this……
    Got up to 5,000 delicious words? I am sure you have.

    Then I could say I knew you when, you could wear that glitzy eye patch at the awards ceremony. Hum..

    Here’s the link if your interested.

    What’s trending in fashion? Saw some great shots, and have some in my phone, don’t know how to send them to you.

    How ’bout a dark color knee high socks with white collars and pink smiley faces, oh yea, clunky heels….that’s NYC…love the fall, don’t you?

  38. Did you check your new e-mail account yet. Sent you some goodies.
    BTW seeing Ani DeFranco live tonight & 4 Free!

  39. Today would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday. December 8 will be 30 years since that fateful day.
    Google has an animated tribute with his music as background , I think that is a first.

  40. alphabetfiend Says:

    Kept waiting to get to a place where I felt like settling in to write you a nice long letter but that time never came. Been outta sorts. October 9 is one of those weird body memory days for me, the worst day ever, day I lost my brilliant badass dad. Thank you for telling me about Lennon today. It was a nice gift. I forget that his birthday was the same day as…bleh.

    I’m ashamed to admit (even to myself) that I opened that email accnt and promptly forgot the password I used. Jeez. I’ll hafta except it’s not gonna come to me and have google send a new one.

    How are you? How was your trip? Where did you go? You said you were going but never said where? Email if you prefer. I have too many things built up to tell you that it’s almost over-whelming

  41. Oh, so sorry about your Dad, I am lucky, I suppose, I still have both my parents, that is who I took a trip to see. I will send you details through e-mail, and some pictures, much soul searching on the trip, too.

    On another note,yesterday,I attended a Celtic Magamon Fete, at a friend’s home, games of strength, prowess, and wit, amongst much food & drink. At the parties opening bag-piping…The Magamon hawk flew over, an auspicious sign! We are assigned a clan to defend….and so it began.

    There were some kilted men, scurrying about, I thought ,do they or don’t they wear anything under those colorful quilts? Hum? I never did find out but not from the lack of trying…..:).

    At night, amongst some clanging glasses of Guinness, and billowing smoke (no longer do either) we had a candle lit Bardic Circle, where music, dancing, many Irish jokes, poetry, and prose prevailed. A clan’s honour, you see!

    After much prodding from my friends, and the clutching of my hand around a small brown leather journal, I said,” I have a poem.” “Ah, a poem, shh!! she has a poem to read” Kevin announced. And so, I read it– at first there was complete silence–a pause– after I finished– then some nods, and clapping. Whew.

    I think they liked it, or perhaps the Guinness, helped a bit?

    Lastly, and again, I am sorry, you are going through all this heartache with your Dad being gone, he did spend substantial quality time with you, and that is such a precious gift.

    Perhaps your time together was the catalyst for the development of your openhearted soul. You are always willing to still be loving to everyone, despite some disappointments, with an act of forgiveness, for our human frailty, all these things, and more –you strive to be, admirable qualities indeed.

    Yeah know, by your passing these things on, through your actions as a human being, and through your writing,and as a gifted storyteller, he is still alive, we all have met him in a way, through you , and that truly makes him immortal by being remembered…….you see? ,


  42. Alphabetfiend Says:

    I was hoping to summon the energy for a longer letter but that’ll hafta wait until tomorrow. Just wanted to say thank you for that fun, amusing, playful, thoughtful & loving letter. I loved it, thank you. Sweet dreams, D

  43. Looking forward to it.

    Made some delectable free range chicken soup from scratch today. I went to the farmers market yesterday. Inspiration , the chilly air, and just being grateful to be healthy spurred me on….

    Hum, all the gorgeous black carrots, a perfect shade of green celery,my god– with all the actual leaves attached — freshly dug new yukon gold potatoes, fresh thyme, sage, and parsley, the chicken, and of course my favorite star of the show, red rojas garlic……Wish you could smell this — a little bit of heaven and partake in this scrumptious meal with crusty bread from my favorite local baker.

    Must go now, and check on the soup!


  44. alphabetfiend Says:

    Black carrots & red garlic? Sounds like magical fairy-tale soup. Mmmm.

    Not sure I’ve ever seen a black carrot…

  45. alphabetfiend Says:

    O! Alice! I just found the most AMAZING cake for one of our tea parties. You will freeeeek over the coolness. Hope to post it tomorrow cause I can’t wait for you to see it. Although, it’s good our tea parties are pretend since this cake probably costs quite a few pesos.

  46. Black carrots, are an heirloom variety, snap them open and they are the brightest orange inside, and deliciously sweet. The red rojas garlic, isn’t really red, except for some red striations on the outer papery layer, but has this wonderful, deep , and rich flavor……roasted, it is buttery smooth, lavishing it on a piece of warm bread with olive oil from Tuscany(my friends produce) hum, orgasmic…..

    Can’t wait to see the cake….I am sure it is visually exciting, as well as tantalizing in the expectation of the taste….yes?

    Early night….Sweet dreams A

  47. Today is Dizzie Gillespie’s 93rd birthday. Here’s he is on the Muppet Show…hope this brings you cheer!

  48. A*Fiend,


    Better soon, Yes?

    Scarin’ the blues away for you,


  49. Hum….my letter? Eagerly awaiting it’s arrival in my *in* box!

    Longing to see all anything you wish to share.


  50. ” Happy Early Gobble Day” Happily invited to my a friends house , an awesome culinary chef, for a vegetarian Thanksgiving….

    I am in charge of a cocktail, this is what I am making…..equal parts of Vanilla Vodka with Voyant (Chai liqueur), a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top with a grating of nutmeg and sprinkling of Saigon cinnamon.

    It is an orgasm in a glass, and y’all know how much I like orgasms!


  51. alphabetfiend Says:

    OMG. Yowzers! That sounds wicked good. I love a creamy drink & chai is my coffeehouse drink (usually iced chai; sometimes iced coffee w lotsa milk /cream. I never drink hot beverages aside from the occasional hot cocoa at Christmas time.) Does your drink have a name? It sounds right up my alley and quite festive. Lately bff & I have been making White Russans. Your drink — just now dubbed the “Bollywood Holiday” — would hit that same creamy spot while still being a nice change of pace. Yum! Thanks for the tip! Happy Thanksgiving, XO D

  52. “When we come to the table at Thanksgiving, the person seated next to us is not some shirttail relative or imperious in-law. It is a reflection of our selves. Likewise, the person seated opposite is not just someone to pass the potatoes to; it is a living, breathing other, finding in our eyes a reflection of their own soul. The only variable is who occupies the seat that we find ourselves in. The most important thing we bring to the table today is our own person and our repast will consist as much of what is within as what is without.
    Actually, there is another variable that can matter. It can make a difference where we are sitting. Being at the head of the table can often confer some power and/or obligations. Sitting near the door can facilitate a quick escape if things get dicey. The seat closest to the kitchen is often the last to accept a tired backside.
    When celebrating *your* Thanksgiving, whether host or guest, be where you are and with whomever you are with.”
    Author & my friend, Len Wallick
    Thought I would share this with you and your readers.
    Peace and gratitude,

  53. Cocktail, a success, but…revised recipe to be a bit more palatable.
    2 parts (cups) Chai liqueur Voyant, to one part vodka & light cream, etc..

    So funny, my friend who is a vegetarian, did cook the most amazing Turkey, and I was duly appointed the carver, of both the turkey and this amazing duck (marinated in red wine and garlic for a week) prepared by another chef from Panama. Very unusual side dishes, roasted red onion, laced with pomegranate seeds, red beet, green pea, and quinoa salad dressed with sweet onion vinaigrette, wild rice golden raisin and walnut, Yukon gold smashed potato with turnip, a lovely gratin of new potato, gruyere, and sautéed portabella mushrooms, and more etc……

    Now, the deserts…gawd, she made the most amazing things– chocolate chai truffles & pumpkin truffles, an egg cream served in chilled tiny delicate ocean blue cups and saucers, a chocolate pie, & apple pie a mile high with a shiny sugary crust…., and more etc….

    The quintessence of the party, the tour de force, were the plethora of diverse people, my mind too was being feed here, my interest piqued, challenged, I was swimming again, and not against the tide but with it, happily.

    There were several languages being spoken, all at once, over the island in the kitchen where we all seemed to gather, French, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, and English of course. I floated gleefully, into one conversation, then the next, finding myself welcomed at every turn. I understand most of the French, some of the Spanish, and Japanese, no Dutch, and a smattering of English–kidding!

    Laughter was plentiful, the children scampering all about through legs and armpits, skittering along the floorboards in woolen socks, and our Wii dance challenge against some 9 year old boys, proved we still got the moves…

    How about yours?

  54. My dear friend, Marcia, actually completed the 50K word challenge, today, lumped over in exhaustion, so could not participate in our Skype writing group tonight. I am so deliciously proud of her commitment to the expressing of her truth, though her work.
    I love the falling stars on your website today, BTW.
    Oh yeah, received a very cool woolen Owl hat, from a friend today, with braided tassels too cute for comfort. 😉 will send pix soon….

  55. Thanks for this post. I just simply agree with what you are saying. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my father so likely this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

  56. Asbach is for Verbals Says:

    IT works for asthma, works for pregnancy I’m sure, works for nappers, to stay on the scene, for aminnit. I am crossing country with one book on me I will pitch it to you, I am guessing this one is three bound in one. Umm Barrow white nights, is one and WHAT WAS ON THE PAINTED KNIFE and I remember not the name, looks like it is not important of the ohter one. Fire, hell what face will I wear when noone in my world has a party for the nexxt 9 months. I am happy, I want to dip in an eskimo outfit, raise my temperature to 106, run around in cold weather for oneminute and run back to my notebooks. THat’s the dream, I am innit. Clayton Eshleman wants us all and imagine that day dreams include more of the muddy, thrilling really real world, and that may be so, closer for me to hearing about the party I would have to crash anyway, no worry on that score, why not. Well yes. On again off again with our best friends, has to be the way to get along. ears are organs of accumulation somehow, so more music to us. Ah, mule! I need a darkly mirror I can glue scattered hairs to to havea animal panion. Have glue, love you!

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