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DWTS Exploited My Weakness for Cho

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When I first heard that Margaret Cho was on the new cast for DWTS, I was in the Austin audience at Margaret Cho’s performance at The Paramount. She was kvetching about being sore from all the dance practice.

My initial response was “Crap, now I have to watch that shit n’ shinola. Dancing with the stars? Ugg.”

Yet another reminder to never say never.

“Why must you?” you ask. Well, because I love Cho more than I hate DWTS. DUH! Don’t you?

C’mon! We gotta take Cho when and where we can get her. Whether it’s on Lifetime’s schlocky yet charming series Drop Dead Diva, doing the tango on DWTS, or live at The Paramount.

Plus we’ll get to see her mom, which features prominently and hilariously in Cho’s stand-up.

Now that I’ve resigned myself to my pitiful fate, I hafta say I’m really looking forward to seeing Cho in sparkles, sequins and spandex. While performing her stand-up, she was already sporting a street-wear version of DWTS style. She wore a loose silky tunic — one-shoulder, sequined — that showed off her gorgeous shoulder tats. She paired the sparkly tunic with American Apparel’s metallic spandex leggings in spaceship silver; grounding the get-up with a great pair of ass-kicker boots. Mmm. Rugged and mmm soft buttery leather and mmm.

Sorry. My clothes-lust kinda took over for a second there. Lemme wipe the drool from my chin and we’ll move on.

I’m gonna enjoy seeing her twice a week for as long as this lasts. Once she’s booted, I’ll be free but I’ll be bummed.

I just hope she does the Robot. Cause that would totally rock.

No go show Cho some love! Give her some sugars! Form a rallying crowd for her to surf through. Join Team Van-Cho. GO!

Adventures in Antiquity: 2700 Year Old Weed Stash

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An old long-haired white guy was found in a tomb with nearly 4lbs of weed — 2700 year old weed. Both are proof that stoners have been around forever! Since the stone(d) age!


The buried bud was found in China and despite being the oldest high-minded cannabis ever discovered, it was still in pretty good shape. It had lost its potent odor but was still plenty green. I’m sure we all know someone who would gladly pack a bowl & smoke it. Those who believe in Morphic Field Theory (freaks like myself) would probably take a puff just to see if it provided any insight into the past.

And what’s with the old long haired white guy? Some things never change!

According to an article titled “The Oldest Dime Bag in the World,” the dude was some kinda shaman, man.

Strangely, though, the bag was buried with a long-haired, blue-eyed white guy, whom researchers believe was likely a shaman of Gushi culture, hailing from Turpan in northwestern China.

I phoned my mom as soon as I heard that archaeologists had found the world’s oldest marijuana stash. She got her degree in Ethno-Botany. When I got to the part about the old hippy-haired white guy she howled with laughter. They coulda smoked those 4lbs and had a hell of a funeral party but nooooo. The Dude was too worried that the after life was gonna be dry — no bounty of skunky green — and was stingy with his stash. I swear I met this guy in Taos. Haven’t you?

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