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Silly Sato, Cutesy Ganesh

Posted in Art & Culture, I Heart Tricksters with tags , , , , , , , , , on September 24, 2008 by alphabetfiend
Another witty deity by Vickie Berndt

"Sato Remover of Obstacles" Another witty deity by Vickie Berndt


Since so many of you peeked in on my blog “Hello Kitty as Indian Trickster”  I thought you might enjoy seeing this companion piece by Vickie Berndt.  Wish it were mine, sigh.  My eyes are green with envy over his juicy orange belly.  Love it!  These pieces make me so damn giddy.  I love the impish irreverence, the sacred-cow-cartoon of it, the happy inside the holy like the yolk in a papery shell.

Vickie Berndt, are you a trickster? 

You do love to turn things on their head with a great big guffaw!

It takes one to know one, so I mean no insult.

Well, my love, it’s not for me to blow yer tricky cover…. but I will say this much: I heart Vickie Berndt and I heart Tricksters!

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