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Porous Walker’s Modern Cave Paintings

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I was born in 1974 on an evil hippy commune in La Madera, New Mexico. Then, because of the their hippy ideals and to escape the aforementioned evil, my parents moved into a cave. I’m not even kidding about that. In first grade I shared that detail with my friend Kim Koontz and her family. Afterwards Kim’s mom had a talk with my mom about my “lying problem.”

I don’t really remember those days in the cave but if I did I bet I’d get along famously with Porous Walker. I’m on a campaign to get a cave for Porous Walker. Porous Walker needs cave walls to paint on so that future societies may stumble upon it and have a deeper understanding of our culture.

"You're still a dick."

Do you have a cave for Porous Walker to paint? 

"You're weiner is so cool."...."I wish I was."

As you can tell, the man really needs a cave that he can just go to town on… do you think they have arts grants for modern cavemen in need of caves?

Walker has a modest rudimentary style. At first look his work has a sort of humorous doodle quality but then you notice those organic, geometric patterns, like honeycomb or tortoiseshell. You feel the reverberation between humanity and environment. Like an echo in the mountains. That’s the only thing I remember from those cave days… I remember standing on a precipice with my Dad as he demonstrated the concept of an echo. My age was measured in months at the time… I know, because my first official memory was on my second birthday (I remember that waxy candle in the shape of the number 2.)

Hello? Hello! Hello? Hello! 

I call out and you call back… hello? Hello!

Porous Walker is that voice in the canyon… the world talking back… an assurance that we’re not alone..

"Now demolish the skyscraper, Godzilla."

Put the word out, people, cause there is a man in need of a cave. Until then we will have to settle for seeing his art in a balloon-filled gallery. Porous Walker had an opening on June 4, 2010 at San Francisco’s Fifty24SF. The show was heralded as “Haricots Magiques: The Final Attempt by Porous Walker.”


In a open letter cum press-release, a far-too-modest Walker discussed his caveman urge to make art: 

I’m honestly a bigger fan of art than I am an actual artist. I’ve tried to stop drawing, sculpting, arting but I can’t seem to stop. I’m addicted to that feeling of seeing amazing artwork, ideas and feeling the energy and spirit that created them and than allowing myself to let go and just make what I want.

I really try to work hard on my drawings, and I hope to live long enough to get to a point where I make something visually pleasing as well as purely concept driven.

 I live in Napa. I’m 35 years old. I want you and me both to laugh more than we don’t and above all I want to inspire people to share what’s in their minds.

The (cave)man himself

Walker also says he’s looking for a job and gave his phone number so if you have a job or a cave for Porous Walker then get in touch with the man. His website is currently located at but he is up to some kind of mischief with a coming soon site called “the other google” at

Jesus Christ is in my Sprite"

Porous Walker will be showing at fifty24sf through July 26. They’re website is


Marge Simpson & Mona Lisa Merge in Modern Art

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The beauty of the blue beehive.

The beauty of the blue beehive.

In honor of Homer voting for Obama  (I’m so proud of you, Homie)  I thought I’d post Nick Walker’s ode to Marge. Gotta love Mrs. Simpson! Marge is Homer’s better (far superior) half.  I love this piece.  Though maybe not as much as I love Moona Lisa, which brought in a surprising six figures at a recent Bonham’s Auction. Moona involves bare booty and I do love the booty.  Walker’s Marge is a wondrous thing.  Wouldn’t it look killer cool in one of those all-white modern pads filled with Lucite tables and bubble chairs, hung on a clean wall in lieu of a plasma TV? A sharp rectangular sofa piled with a pyramid of blue circle pillows; they’d never be out of place ’cause who’d dare to sit there? That’d be amazing in a magazine but that would never be me. I love candy pink, dandelion yellow, sea-monster green & glittery violet.  I’m too messy to ever be minimal, which is for the best since I can’t afford  a mid-century modern furniture habit. Lately, I love TV too much to ever give it the boot. So if you like minimal, there’s a free interior design tip. Just thought you’d enjoy a little Friday night art-peek, a small rest from the political ballyhoo. And now for a little of that TV I’ve grown so fond of…

We love you, Marge!

We never doubted your vote.

We always knew you weren’t a racist idiot.

Marge isn't falling for yer chirpy you-betchas, lady.

Marge isn't falling for your chirpy you-bethcha's, lady.


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