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Camille Rose Garcia! The Demon-Saint of Candy.

Posted in Art & Culture, Mythos with tags , , , , , , on October 24, 2008 by alphabetfiend

To kick off Alphabetfiend’s SPOOKY KABUKI — a week+ of all things freaky deeky — let’s take a long lustful look at Camille Rose Garcia’s creepy candy world.

Uh oh! Those tykes ate too much sugar! Don’t you make the same mistake. Remember — to avoid cavities & sugar rush, replace your treats with TRICKS!

Camille Rose Garcia is an awesome talent. As addictive as the poisons and confections that she paints.

This Halloween, when the bank teller’s blinkety-blink pumpkin- head pin gives you a migraine, when the lady at the bakery makes you wretch your bat-shaped cookie with her haunted sweater, just close your eyes and summon some spooky that you can stomach. Begin to breath and realign as oily black drips ooze at the edges of your mind. Forget the friendly Casper earrings or the smiling skeletons embroidered on an orange baseball cap. Envision a couple of kids in a cauldron. Feel better? mmm-hmmm.


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