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TrooperGate: Palin Found Guilty of Impropriety

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The engineer of the Straight Talk Express (choo choo!) is all kinds of CROOKED.

Palin was found guilty today of impropriety and abuse of power for personal gain.

Wink wink.

I do whatever the heck I wanna do dog-gonnit.

I do whatever the heck I wanna do dog-gonnit.

A bi-partisan investigation into the TrooperGate debacle has ruled that Sarah Palin abused her position and her power as the Governor of Alaska. Palin wielded her political muscle to unseat Alaska’s top cop. The firing followed Monagen’s refusal to fire Palin’s brother-in-law, despite many (far too many) attempts by Palin’s husband and staff to have Wooten sacked. Todd Palin was unapologetic about those apparently blatant acts of vengeance which Pa Palin paints as “protecting his family.” 

To hear The Palin’s tell it the brother-in-law was a combative ne’re-do-well. That’s not really the point. There was abuse of political power. Period.

The bro-in-law may have been a foul, odious a-hole. Oh well. I’ve met a few of them myself but I didn’t launch a rabid campaign to get them fired. And then when I failed to do so, fire the fellow I could fire. Meaning she wasn’t allowed through her position as Governor to fire Wooten (bro-in-law) and she damn well knew it. So when top-cop balked, he got the ax instead. Shady, shady, shady-lady.

I can almost hear it coming, the same argument Brittany Spears had when she took her baby for a joy ride sans car seat, same thing Sarah Palin’s hubby said when Sarah pulled her own Brit and was spotted on the road with an unbuckled baby. 

We’re just cuntry! 

The Redneck defense strategy practiced by peckerwoods everywhere.

Their “country” ain’t “Our Country tis of thee.” Clearly. Okay, rednecks, we get it. Cause you’re “cuntry” yer exempt from the rules us city folk’s obliged to follow. S’pose I halfway buy that. Hey, I was born in the northern New Mexico mountains so I’m familiar with the outlaw mentality that flourishes in a rugged landscape. I know how it goes. Yer sister hooked up with a dead beat devil man who tasers his taser-happy son and shines his headlights in folks’ eyes and shoots all the moose for himself cause he’s a greedy SOB. He’s a savage. He can’t be saved. You’ve prayed to Jesus plenty but he’s still breathing. So you take matters into yer own hands, knock his teeth out in a local bar, set the neighbors to seethe with gossip, get ‘im canned.

What’s the fuss?

When you take public office in service of your country (not your county, but the old US-of-A) then you forfeit yer “cuntry” ideals and all means of down home justice.

Which means, Gov. Palin, that you can’t use your power to wage a private vendetta. You cannot throw your weight around in pursuit of a personal grudge, no matter how “in the right” you are, no matter whether Jesus is on your side or in your pocket.

If we have to tell you that, Ma Palin, then you shouldn’t be Governor of Alaska no matter how “cuntry” it may be.  Let alone VP of this fine country, sweet land of liberty.

In light of this finding, we cannot even consider electing Sarah Palin as Vice-President of the United States. By her own admission, Palin is a vicious pitbull. She had her jaws locked on Wooten and wouldn’t let go. Monegen tried to pull her off and done got bit. Look, he’s covered in red lipstick, oh wait, that’s blood. 

Do not put Palin just one meek heartbeat away from the big red button.

*** Note: To see a XXX naughty illustration of Palin’s “Cunt-ry First” attitude peek in on my post Box O’ Palin Porn-Flakes. Yes, yes, yes, OMG, yes! Too perfect. Really, I could cream over the perfection of it. I almost posted it here but didn’t want its dirty to take away from this very important issue of Palin’s dirty politics.

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