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Welcome to SPOOKY KABUKI — Alphabetfiend’s ode to Halloween. From now until the 31st these pages will be devoted to all things spellbinding. This blog is hereby haunted.

kabuki-1-1.jpg picture by plushied

Bonjour lover-lords, hello new creatures, welcome to SPOOKY KABUKI.


It’s the ghost in the dark with the bone-white boo, the demon urge that calls to you, the childhood nightmare that still makes you shiver, the dark hallway of your heart that sets your brain a-shiver.

We’ll look at the pageantry of the season, the October summoning that lights up our psyche, the transformative power of fear. The wicked crossXbones allure of taboo & fantasy. The freedom of the mask. The scary of the clown. The beauty in the creepy. The razor blade in the chocolate bar. The affection of ghosts. The bumblebee in the spider’s web. It’ll be a far-reaching sugar buzz of eerie wonder.

We’ll tell ghost stories & play Exquisite Corpse. We’ll look at scary books, lurid television, spine tingling art, bone chilling music. We’ll feast on lady fingers and gulp ghostinis. I’ll scrawl a spell for you, on the inside flap of a Sugar Skull Hotel matchbook, and then someone will tell you “But there’s no such place!” You’ll say, “But she gave it to me, with the pale face, in the black lace.” You’ll turn to point me out but I’ll be gone.

Check in all week for tricks and treats.

Also listen to Spook Juke  — 100+ songs about death, blood, roses, murder, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, mummies, zombies, witches, bitches, homicidal cheerleaders, haunted houses, carnies, spiders on candy-striped legs and much more mayhem. Warren Zevon, Roky Erickson, Tom Waits, Cure, Concrete Blonde, MisFits, Johnny Cash, Beck, The White Stripes, Cat Power, Jace Everett, Judy Garland, Quintron & Miss Pussycat and countless other creeps.

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